What to look for when adding a Gift Registry solution

When thinking about adding gift registry to your web and mobile services, there are two perspectives that are vital to keep in the middle of the decision process.

  1. Gift Registry Customer Perspective

Retailers know that the customer, also known as the Registrant, always comes first. The Retailer, known as the owner or corporation, must keep the customer in mind when integrating, managing, and implementing GiftRegistryWorks, the gift registry system. Marcole has been implementing gift registries since 1991. Since then, we have been working to constantly improve, develop, and test GiftRegistryworks. We strive to remain innovative, as we were first to use browsers for in-store implementations, as well as with mobile scanning of items.

Today, Gift Registry is less auxiliary as most customers expect the service to be available on any web device. Customers are looking for a responsive design on both desktop and mobile for a user-friendly experience. Customers  want reliable and stable data security without the hassle of a complicated webpage.

  1.    Gift Registry Retailer Perspective

Retailers are looking for a solution that’s not a time sink, but easy-to-use and self-explanatory. Running a successful business requires time and focus and any additional software needs to be implemented quickly and accurately. Retailers should be managing their business instead of spending time adjusting and calculating data. For retailers, scanning items and updating registries should be simple and quick. All webpages should be password protected. All store associates should have the ability to run reports through set permissions. At Marcole, we provide these services as part of our base package, not as an add-on or custom charge.

Technical support, or “gift registry specialist,” makes implementation and management easier so the retailers have less to worry about. We have experience that is specifically for your business, such as knowing what “patterns” and “collections” are and how they should be implemented.  Understanding whether or not you need “subcategories” and how to use “seasonal flags” and “item inventory”. These are learned processes Marcole thinks about first when working with the client.

To summarize, the solution should have the following features and benefits:

  1. Easy to use for Registrants, a page flow that makes sense.
  2. Responsive pages, allowing the Registry to show on any device.
  3. Web presence
  4. Mobile presence
  5. In store administration capabilities
  6. Ability to handle multiple stores and many associates
  7. In store Kiosks applications including printing
  8. Ability to scan items real time and add them to registries
  9. Admin tool for adding and updating items via an easy use to GUI.
  10. Ability to integrate with today’s checkout gateways.
  11. Easy to integrate into Ecommerce platforms.
  12. Secure and robust technology
  13. Domain experience from the software provider, to help with the unusual situations.

In the end, a solution that has both the retailer and customer in mind, is a solution that has potential. Give Marcole a call or email and let us help you figure out how to implement Gift Registry that works best for you and your customer.

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